Le Havre

the Criterion Collection asked me to realize the poster for the most recent Aki Kaurismäki‘s movie, Le Havre. The work was challenging, we went trough six versions, this is the one Kaurismäki eventually chose.
EDIT: Movie Poster of the Week on MUBI!

Ho ricevuto la proposta da the Criterion Collection di realizzare il poster dell’ultimo film di Aki Kaurismäki, Le Havre. Dopo aver passato al vaglio sei proposte, Kaurismäki ha finalmente scelto questa.

J’ai reçu la proposition par the Criterion Collection de réaliser l’affiche du dernier film de Aki KaurismäkiLe Havre. Le travail a été stimulant, j’ai proposé six versions different: Kaurismäki a choisi celle-ci.

PS. This poster is limited to the american release. You will not see it in Paris 🙁
The movie will be out on 21st October.
PS 2. Download here poster in high resolution – thanks to Janus Films.